Wednesday, October 23, 2013

.. let people arrive at their own conclusions ..on their own accord ..

.. do not attempt ..

... do not try to make their mind for them ..

.. simply an environment .. inducing such ..arrivals to conclusions ..would suffice

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

gestalt .. to surmise a whole ..out of a tiny part ..out of it ..

gestalt .. to surmise a whole ..out of a tiny part ..out of it ..

and in the process totally forget that a whole is made out of all of its parts .. and to add salt into the already open wound .. that ..bloody whole is more than the sum of its parts ..

.. that doesn't help us to be such arse-w-holes by judging other people by a tiny glimpse out of them

.. when we are confronted in our daily lives with other people ..

.. worse yet we are with other people constantly in our surrounding space .. which we never amount to really know them all ..

Monday, May 06, 2013

selling short the human individual ..

selling short the human individual ..

the brain .. what is fed with ..and out of the ..feeding what it can and will produce ..what would be its output ..

the brain a machine .. I was tempted to claim ..crunching numbers .. but reneged .. as that is a thought coming out of what we have known for computers to do ..

but it goes deeper than that .. even from numbers .. or simply what is known as maths ..deeper is, what comes out of this process .. that brains do .. 

intuition ..which as such beyond what we currently comprehend the term as ..doing .. which again depends at what the brain is fed with ..

feeding .. again such a relative term .. the connotations derived out of its common usage .. trivialises the process I use it for .. but deep down that is what it is ..

and any rate .. intuition deserves more than it is attributed with .. which what is attributed with not worthy of its stature .. intuition being ..I dare say .. the power of the brain ..its intrinsic power (and by mentioning ..intrinsic ..makes it out of reach in comprehending by the very brain itself) to provide solutions for everything it is dealing with .. its crunching power (..without the ..numbers ..ending, seems a more appropriate explanation of what I have in mind for the brain to be) ..

and ..for that matter .. intuition (and it is not matter coming out of the thought ..for the lack of a better term .. intuition as that suffices) .. out of the ..added extension to the concept conferred to by the term ..informed intuition .. though to my mind is unnecessary.. informed comes out of the meaning achieved by an individual  ..deeper meaning an individual acquires as when ..amasses knowledge on the subject the individual decides to deal with .. no matter how ..unapproachable that subject, the ..or ..better a.. any subject of inquiry,  might have looked at any time during the process

acquiring the structures .. building the neural assemblies .. the neuronal correlates .. the networks of neurons that will assist and confer meaning to an individual ..

that assimilate themselves in an already established network of previous knowledge structures provide the ground upon which solutions to problems are provided out of .. as well as further knowledge acquisition ..

intuition it comes out of the ..quantum mechanical nature of the brain ..

that ..approachability factor .. increases ..the more the gathered relevant knowledge increases .. and there is such a vast selection of subjects ..all but tiny ..niches in the tremendous complexity that there is ..which can be referred as potential complexity that its ..actual counterpart ..struggles to fill in .. expands ..(what is the term .. I was confronted with recently) .. exponentially ..and that is as a result of more and more individuals spending time dealing with beyond what reasons and demands sustaining one's self in the current climate of extreme monetisation .. that the neo-liberalism dictates..

intuition ..elevated  ..above the whimsical nature that a lot of authors in several disciplines attribute it with ..

and such process is counteracted by .. 

the pursuit of useless ..trivial knowledge that influential mass media are bend out to offer .. selling short the human individual .. condemning the individual in a perpetual state of ignorance .. to suit the needs of the highly monetizing financial structures prevailing in societies .. having the upper hand in authorities .. condemning to failure the very future of humanity itself ..  all out of the goal of engineering society to the role that monetizing principles demand for segments of societies to be ..

condensates curving spacetime assumed attribute

geodesic's geodesics .. my idea to use dark matter particles to curve the geodesics within the earth's range might prove harmful to earth's gravity stability .. from the other point to have such particles gather in an outer spherical container might wreak havoc to the inhabitants and habitat in the inner spherical compartments.. where residence would be ..

however ..if the habitat of the spherical rolling house was just hanging out at the periphery of the core which would have been surrounding the dark particles mass and sustained there in the same way that the accretion disk in a black hole holds ordinary matter in limbo by forces as yet unexplained .. as well as the effects upon such matter particles ..hanging there .. suspended ..

despite the undefined nature of events taking place in such setup .. that would have enabled the formation of a curvature in the geodesics .. enough that would have enabled travel in space .. a cavity in the geodesics which would have at its bottom the rolling house and by manipulating its strength would have formed the groove which would have enabled to travel to any destination ..

the dark particle mass would not have required to be in the ..form of a black hole .. but an equivalent of a neutron star would have sufficed ..

the curvature necessary in the geodesic could be calculated .. enough space curved .. cavity as big as the rolling house .. just a perch to be suspended in ..mid-air .. out of the property of particles to curve space .. should be something out of the space the particles occupy .. particle inner space .. taking out the ..picture of an atom .. as it has been deduced .. the vast distance comparatively between the electrons and the nucleus out of the electromagnetic forces ..the repulsion of the positive protons in the nucleus of an atom and the negative electrons in the periphery of the atom .. their stable distance out of an exchange with the gravitational forces between the two kinds of sub-particles .. gravity as it is looked at, as what it is .. space curvature .. geodesics at the subatomic level ..

Bosse-Einstein  condensates .. lockstep particles .. the distances between the condensate particles diminished .. space-curving increased .. the size such condensates been of subatomic levels .. what would their properties reveal when their relative sizes increase .. use such condensates to curve space-time.. at human scales ..

super-fluidity ..a phenomenon right out of space curving at quantum scales.. a space groove ..a corridor formed as the particles coalesce .. as the decrease in temperature brings it about .. externally provided .. particles trapped .. in a confined space .. the energy ..out of electromagnetic forces deprived of by the cooling ..leaves only ..gravity at bay .. and that results in the formation of the condensates.. the particles in the condensates curve space-time at quantum scales ..assume super-fluidity

gravity .. a property of space .. how space assumes its place in the cosmos .. coming out of .. fundamental forces ..counteract what space demands and out of it comes out ..of such counteracting processes ..

as the influence of the electromagnetic forces is nullified.. space assumes control .. the particles ..the kinks in spacetime

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

stupidity ..evolution .. passed us ..

Cars have evolved to go faster – but humans haven't - opinion - 11 October 2011

"Unfortunately our reaction times are not any faster, nor are our bodies any better at withstanding the forces involved in a crash."

reaction times .. what you train them to be .. what you put your mind .. to surpass ..

"Survivability refers to the body's capacity to tolerate the energy transfer in accidents. Evidence shows that on access roads, where crashes involving pedestrians are likely, a 20mph (30kph) limit is appropriate. On distribution roads, where side impacts are likely – when a car might ram into the side of another that is pulling out of a side road, for instance – the limit should be 30mph (50kph). In situations without pedestrians and where side impacts and head-on collisions are improbable – motorways and freeways – the limit should be 60 to 70mph (100 to 110kph)."

they are (plowing).. on vague ground .. evidence? .. what kind of evidence .. they are refering to ..

.. can not help .. but bring into my mind .. the thoughts nurtured in societies ..nowadays ..that the human individual .. is an ignorant ..git ..

.. and thoroughly deserves .. to be treated as such .. and even worse ..

.. that needs a nanny .. to keep self ..on the straight and narrow .. otherwise .. god knows .. what mess will get one's own self and others into ..

"Unfortunately our reaction times are not any faster, nor are our bodies any better at withstanding the forces involved in a crash."

11 October 2011 Cars have evolved to go faster – but humans haven't New Scientist

based upon what .. catch the ruler tests.. on how fast our limbs are .. or how fast our brains work ..

dratted human evolution ..did not catch up .. is not on a par .. with the car speeds evolution ..

it is not a matter ..of reaction times .. but a matter of .. what should I do .. in every little incident .. thrown at

a matter of experience .. amassed .. to deal with everything .. as much as possible .. the real testing of human abilities ..

and even if .. the limbs get rusty .. the older you get .. the brain does not get old .. does not stop learning

certainly ..we go about .. on an automatic pilot .. mode .. whatever reactions are required from one .. are set .. even since one gets a driving license ..

the self .. has the ability to change them .. never ceases .. to create for self and for others .. new ways to deal with stuff ..

.. leave people room .. let them be responsible for selves ..and they do care for others .. they learn to amend on their mistakes

instead of .. putting barriers .. safety comfort zones .. herding .. based upon whatever averages .. short-sighted research projects .. have directed .. before even the results are gleaned .. to data that suits their thinking.. 

deny self .. rob self .. the ability to think .. fend for self .. to continually evolve

it is ludicrous .. short-sighted .. and downright demeaning .. to promote processes .. that demand the death of your brain ..

to rely upon .. the same old recipe .. that has given so little .. with an origin as dubious as the results produced ..

Stupidity: What makes people do dumb things

the human brain has to be challenged evolve .. intelligence ..does no come cheap .. and the cheap does not refer to money .. money is what cheapens the brain .. its chances to evolve ..

traffic police .. at pains ..their task ..exalted .. is driving ..drivers stupid that suits the overseers of this world ..  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

.. an employer ..merely a modern day slave owner.. workers possessions

"THE man who invented the PIN number for cash machines told today how his world-changing brainwave netted him just £10."

 PIN inventor James Goodfellow OBE got just £10 for 1965 creation | The Sun |News

.. they own you.. netted a tenner.. what the fuck is that.. medieval .. feudal attitudes

slavery rules still in power.. the foundations of society

a vestige.. if only ..

.. an employer ..merely a modern day slave owner.. workers possessions ..possessions..

employers possess anything workers produce ..their physical and mental fruits of their labour ..

under their total and undisputed discretion ..robbing people from their most valued outputs out of their agency .. robbed ..outright and remorselessly .. societies build upon such premise .. fucking hell..

deprived of its agency ..  .. societies' pathetic attribute .. long forgotten .. buried deep .. no excuse

owns you .. conspiring .. all institutions in society..

to a state of ownership.. despicable .. equally for those who own and those who are owned

assets ..unashamedly claimed.. the meaning of words distorted though carry within is impossible to renege .. the very properties that are so humiliating for the human entity

outright physical slavery still exists in some parts of the world .. wonder why still survives when its very essence it is unashamedly ..abjectly promoted by the so called advanced segments of humanity  .. that of western societies ..

the absurdity inherent so aptly portrayed in the recent case of a man..

 Welsh hero holidaymaker sacked after tackling shark during sick leave - Wales News - News - WalesOnline

... saving children from certain death from the jaws of a strayed shark only to be denied of his job from the savvy employer who itself being a charity dedicated to the welfare of children..  as he breached his terms of employment ..namely to act as an obedient slave .. above all else ..meaning to keep low to avoid detection.. becoming its priority ..which if adhered ..would have ended in the children perishing at the jaws of the stray shark .. all in the name of the dubious premises of employer-employee relations imposed upon people.. employment detrimental to the human condition

 curse you all.. for you.. that take unlawful inhumane advantage of these horrible vestiges of yesteryears

and for you that the only thing ..the extent of your thoughts is the kind of bondage to choose

never touch ..never go far enough.. to eradicate.. that scourge .. what should have been dealt with eons ago .. when the struggle against slavery was at its  peak

spineless to trace it down to the depth it requires one to go to
a change of their masters .. bondage .. modern society.. the options open ...the kind of bondage .. the very idea of freedom ..  to ridiculous levels .. a choice of the kind of bondage .. and nothing more ..
salaries .. compensation... pensions .. benefits .. fucking money..  markets .. shop around .. and all are contemplated in the absence of the most  basic ingredient .. in total bliss of the most ..liberating issue that has to be dealt once and for all.. for humanity to reach deep into its roots
what the hell  else you would expect  ..when outright slavery is still enshrined ..mockingly i would say.. celebrated.. in societies ..provide the fabric .out of which societies are weaved..

complexity  so many issues ..lost in a sea.. unable to think about the foundations of the very society rotten they are
modern society ..progress ..and yet .. the notion of emancipation of the human individual.. at the center .. in need to be resolved ..its resolution imperative ..talking about the deterioration of the fabric of society ..trying to find answers

whereas what generates such predicament is totally overlooked

powerful institutions .. squash to  oblivion individuality.. societies hotbeds of abuse.. leaders elevated into inappropriate heights  .. affairs totally at their hands ..decisions solely upon their discretion .. promoted..encouraged ..


Thursday, February 14, 2013

mobile objects .. agents .. us .. as .. constrained generating procedures .. handle agents .. handle us

mobile objects .. agents .. us .. as .. constrained generating procedures .. handle agents .. handle us

a novel approach .. I just fathomed the depth .. of this, John Holland's assertion .. we are not the masters of our fate .. as we are led to believe .. how foolish .. and that comes hot in the foot .. of what is mentioned .. claimed in that recent publication .. the unconscious in the driving seat .. my own words .. my interpretation .. despite similar in line .. with what the authors presented .. surmised out of the title of the paper

however .. it is better to follow John Holland's thought .. as he mentions further down .. designing a cgp to handle agents according to specifications given at the outset .. is not the same thing .. as designing cgp to accommodate mobile objects .. I hope so .. as agents despite being mobile objects .. but they are not .. only

politicians .. aspiring policy makers .. work within the system .. can not see anything apart what the system offers ..

cgp with fixed connections .. connections on fixed geometric constraints .. mobile agents .. via both their attributes .. by being mobile and being agents .. attuned ... in breaking and making connections .. a fixed-connection cgp .. inconvenient un-instructive entails changes in the formation of cgps .. to accommodate changes in the geometry .. the breaking and making of connections .. incorporate within the cgp .. the control of the ever-changing geometry.

cgps .. constrained generating procedures .. translating them into .. the rules, laws, norms, legislation .. enveloped, dressed with ... flexible suits .. to include and therefore to be in control .. of an ever-changing landscape ..

mutations .. borrowing from biology .. mutations which change the plan .. random .. in order to confer adaptability for the mature organism .. an advantage ..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the traveling house .. of the future .. in the near future. an attempt to develop the concept ..

a traveling house .. of the future .. in the near future..

an attempt to develop the concept ..

should begin with a deeper understanding of gravity..

Einstein's general relativity.. warping space .. rolling the earth, moon, and other planetary objects ..roll

..therefore traveling house should be spherical.. to ..assist in the ..rolling ..function ..

.. capable of rolling but the habitable portions of the traveling house should be stable ..

.. the outer shell should be able to roll while the inside shell should keep its orientation and position at all times despite what the exterior shell does..

.. such an approach demands a change in concepts contained in the Newtonian vocabulary and the meanings they carry should be shed away..

concepts like .. floating .. friction should be reassessed if not replaced..

warping space  .. making grooves along which the traveling house will roll

warp space ..bend space to provide the path .. a corridor .. mini planets .. the traveling houses ..

.. a leap in conception is required ..

height .. uphill should be reconsidered.. space.. dimensions should be reevaluated .. what they currently  represent is a drawback that is imperative to overcome..

.. the grooves upon which the traveling houses will roll defy current notions  of space ..

thoughts of moving ..rolling ..upwards do not stand well in the minds of earthbound humans.. it is beyond our commonsense ..

..yet the descriptions based on general relativity .. without nowadays being able to support such a thesis.. but putting in mind how the moon revolves around earth solely on the grounds of its mass .. it provides clues that such a thing can be possible .. may require a critical mass to make such a feat possible or may not.. understanding of gravity at smaller scales.. might be required.. or the contribution of space itself ..and mass might be the key...

..a deeper understanding of quantum gravity might help .. the  theorized graviton  might be implicated in the creation of bending space forming the grooves along which earth travels around the sun and the moon around earth ..

a method, a thinking way ..persuade space to renege its secrets  would push forward such ..extraordinary ideas from the ..vagueness currently ..enveloped to ..clarity that would make possible such a feat ..

.. a change in the way is conceived ..the earth-bounded-ness quality.. of the objects upon earth ..not merely the pull of the earth's mass but the pressure yielded by the atmosphere itself .. like the pressure the oceans yield to its inhabitants ..

namely ..the atmosphere as what keeps us earthbound..and ..may be the idea of pull should be abandoned completely .. a Newtonian relic ..its effect should be considered and overcome..

..the ..rolling approach .. would require to ..effect.. upon the traveling house surrounding space .. and not upon the object itself .. propulsion ..the ..release out of earth's pull not required