Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the traveling house .. of the future .. in the near future. an attempt to develop the concept ..

a traveling house .. of the future .. in the near future..

an attempt to develop the concept ..

should begin with a deeper understanding of gravity..

Einstein's general relativity.. warping space .. rolling the earth, moon, and other planetary objects ..roll

..therefore traveling house should be spherical.. to ..assist in the ..rolling ..function ..

.. capable of rolling but the habitable portions of the traveling house should be stable ..

.. the outer shell should be able to roll while the inside shell should keep its orientation and position at all times despite what the exterior shell does..

.. such an approach demands a change in concepts contained in the Newtonian vocabulary and the meanings they carry should be shed away..

concepts like .. floating .. friction should be reassessed if not replaced..

warping space  .. making grooves along which the traveling house will roll

warp space ..bend space to provide the path .. a corridor .. mini planets .. the traveling houses ..

.. a leap in conception is required ..

height .. uphill should be reconsidered.. space.. dimensions should be reevaluated .. what they currently  represent is a drawback that is imperative to overcome..

.. the grooves upon which the traveling houses will roll defy current notions  of space ..

thoughts of moving ..rolling ..upwards do not stand well in the minds of earthbound humans.. it is beyond our commonsense ..

..yet the descriptions based on general relativity .. without nowadays being able to support such a thesis.. but putting in mind how the moon revolves around earth solely on the grounds of its mass .. it provides clues that such a thing can be possible .. may require a critical mass to make such a feat possible or may not.. understanding of gravity at smaller scales.. might be required.. or the contribution of space itself ..and mass might be the key...

..a deeper understanding of quantum gravity might help .. the  theorized graviton  might be implicated in the creation of bending space forming the grooves along which earth travels around the sun and the moon around earth ..

a method, a thinking way ..persuade space to renege its secrets  would push forward such ..extraordinary ideas from the ..vagueness currently ..enveloped to ..clarity that would make possible such a feat ..

.. a change in the way is conceived ..the earth-bounded-ness quality.. of the objects upon earth ..not merely the pull of the earth's mass but the pressure yielded by the atmosphere itself .. like the pressure the oceans yield to its inhabitants ..

namely ..the atmosphere as what keeps us earthbound..and ..may be the idea of pull should be abandoned completely .. a Newtonian relic ..its effect should be considered and overcome..

..the ..rolling approach .. would require to ..effect.. upon the traveling house surrounding space .. and not upon the object itself .. propulsion ..the ..release out of earth's pull not required

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