Thursday, February 14, 2013

mobile objects .. agents .. us .. as .. constrained generating procedures .. handle agents .. handle us

mobile objects .. agents .. us .. as .. constrained generating procedures .. handle agents .. handle us

a novel approach .. I just fathomed the depth .. of this, John Holland's assertion .. we are not the masters of our fate .. as we are led to believe .. how foolish .. and that comes hot in the foot .. of what is mentioned .. claimed in that recent publication .. the unconscious in the driving seat .. my own words .. my interpretation .. despite similar in line .. with what the authors presented .. surmised out of the title of the paper

however .. it is better to follow John Holland's thought .. as he mentions further down .. designing a cgp to handle agents according to specifications given at the outset .. is not the same thing .. as designing cgp to accommodate mobile objects .. I hope so .. as agents despite being mobile objects .. but they are not .. only

politicians .. aspiring policy makers .. work within the system .. can not see anything apart what the system offers ..

cgp with fixed connections .. connections on fixed geometric constraints .. mobile agents .. via both their attributes .. by being mobile and being agents .. attuned ... in breaking and making connections .. a fixed-connection cgp .. inconvenient un-instructive entails changes in the formation of cgps .. to accommodate changes in the geometry .. the breaking and making of connections .. incorporate within the cgp .. the control of the ever-changing geometry.

cgps .. constrained generating procedures .. translating them into .. the rules, laws, norms, legislation .. enveloped, dressed with ... flexible suits .. to include and therefore to be in control .. of an ever-changing landscape ..

mutations .. borrowing from biology .. mutations which change the plan .. random .. in order to confer adaptability for the mature organism .. an advantage ..

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