Friday, May 09, 2014

in what way systems differ from natural systems ..

in what way systems differ from natural systems .. 

the answer is .. from what they are driven from .. 

driven .. what that word implies .. what drives natural systems ..and the answer to that question to use it explain what ..driven ..means .. assessing the impact in analysing systems ..natural ..or whatever other names are used to describe them ..

an element regarding what .. the systems I called man-made ..are driven from ..has emerged ..but I want to elucidate first .. the driven ..for both and natural systems .. 

the driven .. ought to be the same for either system .. 
elements that depict the relations that ..driven ..implies man-made systems the dimensions .. the expanse these systems ..develop in .. namely to parameters and variables outside their scope .. creating false ..pseudo .. systems .. they do not follow the path that their ..cousins ..natural systems follow .. 

man-made systems are obscured ..disengaged .. they are not developing alongside their true parameters ..warped and compromised .. the man-made systems a caricature of natural systems..

..immense paltry and puny ..the pursuits of societies are ..

man-made systems ..include societies, personalities, humanity as a whole .. struggling to find its proper path ..  

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