Wednesday, March 27, 2013

.. an employer ..merely a modern day slave owner.. workers possessions

"THE man who invented the PIN number for cash machines told today how his world-changing brainwave netted him just £10."

 PIN inventor James Goodfellow OBE got just £10 for 1965 creation | The Sun |News

.. they own you.. netted a tenner.. what the fuck is that.. medieval .. feudal attitudes

slavery rules still in power.. the foundations of society

a vestige.. if only ..

.. an employer ..merely a modern day slave owner.. workers possessions ..possessions..

employers possess anything workers produce ..their physical and mental fruits of their labour ..

under their total and undisputed discretion ..robbing people from their most valued outputs out of their agency .. robbed ..outright and remorselessly .. societies build upon such premise .. fucking hell..

deprived of its agency ..  .. societies' pathetic attribute .. long forgotten .. buried deep .. no excuse

owns you .. conspiring .. all institutions in society..

to a state of ownership.. despicable .. equally for those who own and those who are owned

assets ..unashamedly claimed.. the meaning of words distorted though carry within is impossible to renege .. the very properties that are so humiliating for the human entity

outright physical slavery still exists in some parts of the world .. wonder why still survives when its very essence it is unashamedly ..abjectly promoted by the so called advanced segments of humanity  .. that of western societies ..

the absurdity inherent so aptly portrayed in the recent case of a man..

 Welsh hero holidaymaker sacked after tackling shark during sick leave - Wales News - News - WalesOnline

... saving children from certain death from the jaws of a strayed shark only to be denied of his job from the savvy employer who itself being a charity dedicated to the welfare of children..  as he breached his terms of employment ..namely to act as an obedient slave .. above all else ..meaning to keep low to avoid detection.. becoming its priority ..which if adhered ..would have ended in the children perishing at the jaws of the stray shark .. all in the name of the dubious premises of employer-employee relations imposed upon people.. employment detrimental to the human condition

 curse you all.. for you.. that take unlawful inhumane advantage of these horrible vestiges of yesteryears

and for you that the only thing ..the extent of your thoughts is the kind of bondage to choose

never touch ..never go far enough.. to eradicate.. that scourge .. what should have been dealt with eons ago .. when the struggle against slavery was at its  peak

spineless to trace it down to the depth it requires one to go to
a change of their masters .. bondage .. modern society.. the options open ...the kind of bondage .. the very idea of freedom ..  to ridiculous levels .. a choice of the kind of bondage .. and nothing more ..
salaries .. compensation... pensions .. benefits .. fucking money..  markets .. shop around .. and all are contemplated in the absence of the most  basic ingredient .. in total bliss of the most ..liberating issue that has to be dealt once and for all.. for humanity to reach deep into its roots
what the hell  else you would expect  ..when outright slavery is still enshrined ..mockingly i would say.. celebrated.. in societies ..provide the fabric .out of which societies are weaved..

complexity  so many issues ..lost in a sea.. unable to think about the foundations of the very society rotten they are
modern society ..progress ..and yet .. the notion of emancipation of the human individual.. at the center .. in need to be resolved ..its resolution imperative ..talking about the deterioration of the fabric of society ..trying to find answers

whereas what generates such predicament is totally overlooked

powerful institutions .. squash to  oblivion individuality.. societies hotbeds of abuse.. leaders elevated into inappropriate heights  .. affairs totally at their hands ..decisions solely upon their discretion .. promoted..encouraged ..


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