Wednesday, April 03, 2013

stupidity ..evolution .. passed us ..

Cars have evolved to go faster – but humans haven't - opinion - 11 October 2011

"Unfortunately our reaction times are not any faster, nor are our bodies any better at withstanding the forces involved in a crash."

reaction times .. what you train them to be .. what you put your mind .. to surpass ..

"Survivability refers to the body's capacity to tolerate the energy transfer in accidents. Evidence shows that on access roads, where crashes involving pedestrians are likely, a 20mph (30kph) limit is appropriate. On distribution roads, where side impacts are likely – when a car might ram into the side of another that is pulling out of a side road, for instance – the limit should be 30mph (50kph). In situations without pedestrians and where side impacts and head-on collisions are improbable – motorways and freeways – the limit should be 60 to 70mph (100 to 110kph)."

they are (plowing).. on vague ground .. evidence? .. what kind of evidence .. they are refering to ..

.. can not help .. but bring into my mind .. the thoughts nurtured in societies ..nowadays ..that the human individual .. is an ignorant ..git ..

.. and thoroughly deserves .. to be treated as such .. and even worse ..

.. that needs a nanny .. to keep self ..on the straight and narrow .. otherwise .. god knows .. what mess will get one's own self and others into ..

"Unfortunately our reaction times are not any faster, nor are our bodies any better at withstanding the forces involved in a crash."

11 October 2011 Cars have evolved to go faster – but humans haven't New Scientist

based upon what .. catch the ruler tests.. on how fast our limbs are .. or how fast our brains work ..

dratted human evolution ..did not catch up .. is not on a par .. with the car speeds evolution ..

it is not a matter ..of reaction times .. but a matter of .. what should I do .. in every little incident .. thrown at

a matter of experience .. amassed .. to deal with everything .. as much as possible .. the real testing of human abilities ..

and even if .. the limbs get rusty .. the older you get .. the brain does not get old .. does not stop learning

certainly ..we go about .. on an automatic pilot .. mode .. whatever reactions are required from one .. are set .. even since one gets a driving license ..

the self .. has the ability to change them .. never ceases .. to create for self and for others .. new ways to deal with stuff ..

.. leave people room .. let them be responsible for selves ..and they do care for others .. they learn to amend on their mistakes

instead of .. putting barriers .. safety comfort zones .. herding .. based upon whatever averages .. short-sighted research projects .. have directed .. before even the results are gleaned .. to data that suits their thinking.. 

deny self .. rob self .. the ability to think .. fend for self .. to continually evolve

it is ludicrous .. short-sighted .. and downright demeaning .. to promote processes .. that demand the death of your brain ..

to rely upon .. the same old recipe .. that has given so little .. with an origin as dubious as the results produced ..

Stupidity: What makes people do dumb things

the human brain has to be challenged evolve .. intelligence ..does no come cheap .. and the cheap does not refer to money .. money is what cheapens the brain .. its chances to evolve ..

traffic police .. at pains ..their task ..exalted .. is driving ..drivers stupid that suits the overseers of this world ..  

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