Monday, May 06, 2013

condensates curving spacetime assumed attribute

geodesic's geodesics .. my idea to use dark matter particles to curve the geodesics within the earth's range might prove harmful to earth's gravity stability .. from the other point to have such particles gather in an outer spherical container might wreak havoc to the inhabitants and habitat in the inner spherical compartments.. where residence would be ..

however ..if the habitat of the spherical rolling house was just hanging out at the periphery of the core which would have been surrounding the dark particles mass and sustained there in the same way that the accretion disk in a black hole holds ordinary matter in limbo by forces as yet unexplained .. as well as the effects upon such matter particles ..hanging there .. suspended ..

despite the undefined nature of events taking place in such setup .. that would have enabled the formation of a curvature in the geodesics .. enough that would have enabled travel in space .. a cavity in the geodesics which would have at its bottom the rolling house and by manipulating its strength would have formed the groove which would have enabled to travel to any destination ..

the dark particle mass would not have required to be in the ..form of a black hole .. but an equivalent of a neutron star would have sufficed ..

the curvature necessary in the geodesic could be calculated .. enough space curved .. cavity as big as the rolling house .. just a perch to be suspended in ..mid-air .. out of the property of particles to curve space .. should be something out of the space the particles occupy .. particle inner space .. taking out the ..picture of an atom .. as it has been deduced .. the vast distance comparatively between the electrons and the nucleus out of the electromagnetic forces ..the repulsion of the positive protons in the nucleus of an atom and the negative electrons in the periphery of the atom .. their stable distance out of an exchange with the gravitational forces between the two kinds of sub-particles .. gravity as it is looked at, as what it is .. space curvature .. geodesics at the subatomic level ..

Bosse-Einstein  condensates .. lockstep particles .. the distances between the condensate particles diminished .. space-curving increased .. the size such condensates been of subatomic levels .. what would their properties reveal when their relative sizes increase .. use such condensates to curve space-time.. at human scales ..

super-fluidity ..a phenomenon right out of space curving at quantum scales.. a space groove ..a corridor formed as the particles coalesce .. as the decrease in temperature brings it about .. externally provided .. particles trapped .. in a confined space .. the energy ..out of electromagnetic forces deprived of by the cooling ..leaves only ..gravity at bay .. and that results in the formation of the condensates.. the particles in the condensates curve space-time at quantum scales ..assume super-fluidity

gravity .. a property of space .. how space assumes its place in the cosmos .. coming out of .. fundamental forces ..counteract what space demands and out of it comes out ..of such counteracting processes ..

as the influence of the electromagnetic forces is nullified.. space assumes control .. the particles ..the kinks in spacetime

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