Monday, May 06, 2013

selling short the human individual ..

selling short the human individual ..

the brain .. what is fed with ..and out of the ..feeding what it can and will produce ..what would be its output ..

the brain a machine .. I was tempted to claim ..crunching numbers .. but reneged .. as that is a thought coming out of what we have known for computers to do ..

but it goes deeper than that .. even from numbers .. or simply what is known as maths ..deeper is, what comes out of this process .. that brains do .. 

intuition ..which as such beyond what we currently comprehend the term as ..doing .. which again depends at what the brain is fed with ..

feeding .. again such a relative term .. the connotations derived out of its common usage .. trivialises the process I use it for .. but deep down that is what it is ..

and any rate .. intuition deserves more than it is attributed with .. which what is attributed with not worthy of its stature .. intuition being ..I dare say .. the power of the brain ..its intrinsic power (and by mentioning ..intrinsic ..makes it out of reach in comprehending by the very brain itself) to provide solutions for everything it is dealing with .. its crunching power (..without the ..numbers ..ending, seems a more appropriate explanation of what I have in mind for the brain to be) ..

and ..for that matter .. intuition (and it is not matter coming out of the thought ..for the lack of a better term .. intuition as that suffices) .. out of the ..added extension to the concept conferred to by the term ..informed intuition .. though to my mind is unnecessary.. informed comes out of the meaning achieved by an individual  ..deeper meaning an individual acquires as when ..amasses knowledge on the subject the individual decides to deal with .. no matter how ..unapproachable that subject, the ..or ..better a.. any subject of inquiry,  might have looked at any time during the process

acquiring the structures .. building the neural assemblies .. the neuronal correlates .. the networks of neurons that will assist and confer meaning to an individual ..

that assimilate themselves in an already established network of previous knowledge structures provide the ground upon which solutions to problems are provided out of .. as well as further knowledge acquisition ..

intuition it comes out of the ..quantum mechanical nature of the brain ..

that ..approachability factor .. increases ..the more the gathered relevant knowledge increases .. and there is such a vast selection of subjects ..all but tiny ..niches in the tremendous complexity that there is ..which can be referred as potential complexity that its ..actual counterpart ..struggles to fill in .. expands ..(what is the term .. I was confronted with recently) .. exponentially ..and that is as a result of more and more individuals spending time dealing with beyond what reasons and demands sustaining one's self in the current climate of extreme monetisation .. that the neo-liberalism dictates..

intuition ..elevated  ..above the whimsical nature that a lot of authors in several disciplines attribute it with ..

and such process is counteracted by .. 

the pursuit of useless ..trivial knowledge that influential mass media are bend out to offer .. selling short the human individual .. condemning the individual in a perpetual state of ignorance .. to suit the needs of the highly monetizing financial structures prevailing in societies .. having the upper hand in authorities .. condemning to failure the very future of humanity itself ..  all out of the goal of engineering society to the role that monetizing principles demand for segments of societies to be ..

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