Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pandemics, a direct consequence of the profit economic model.

Profit, primary and foremost goal. An incentive of business-as-usual survival, that obliterates the significance of any other concern, commensurate measures, to undo the damage, already being inflicted or bound to get inflicted, seen for entrepreneurs as a hindrance, in their goals for profiting and economic survival. How would anyone expect, for anyone involved in business, to heed on what is necessary, to keep the risks of pandemics at bay? The profit economic model, is short on guarantees, and will always be, for a risk-free implementation, of the humongous task of feeding the world's populations.

If it is not something that comes from within, it would never succeed. The whole global economic system, aspired wholly by the current profit economic model, is such a body constructed out of rules, laws, norms prevalent, a system developed upon, fosters forces within, that constantly clash with what you expect from the system, to provide.

Since the rules adhered to, would not allow it. When the only risk they heed to, is the risk of profits, the depreciation of capital, of money invested, instead of the risk that threatens the well-being of individuals, of the very planet itself.

The world is full of alternative ideas, arrived at, achieved by individuals daily, singly and collectively, and the individuals pursue them in all manners possible and it's inevitable that they will succeed, and the ideas will prevail, its the destiny of humanity, as their force is unstoppable, in whatever way they are measured.

A risk-free sustainable planet, growth to match expectations, in their full potential, as expectations materialise through everyone, for everyone, the world around. World organisations, charities, non-profit, whatever they are called, all try in vain to undo the ills, the profit economic model amply spreads, incessantly, endlessly, wreaking havoc upon the planet and its inhabitants.

Climate change talks, Denmark. Attempting to infuse change from within the current profit economic system, overwhelmed, thwarted already. Fighting an already lost war, against the forces that created the problem, in the first place. Carbon tax measures, marred from within, from the frame that spawned them, doomed from its inception, as it is the product, not of the will of the people but the forces that led them to doom and failure, and aims at anything other but. The forces that their only incentive is, to preserve dominant positions, to hold on to power that money has bestowed upon.

Clashes, revolutions, upheavals? Are not needed, what is needed are the little changes in ideas fostered by all individuals, the kind of ideas that made the end of the apartheid in South Africa and the unification of Germany a reality, the end of the cold war an unavoidable conclusion, what brought people out in Tehran by the millions, spontaneous and overwhelming phenomena that no power acting against, would ever have succeeded to subdue, no matter how insurmountable thought to be.

Thought leaders, if they befit to their calling, focus their attention and energy in what would accelerate the implementation of those changes that the world seeks out, instead of getting entrenched deep within the limits of their profession, exercising the prerogative of the human individual, of what they are, the limiting boundaries each one is restricted by, the allowable perspectives unwinding in forth of everyone, detach themselves from the boundaries of their level, the worlds they are in, into a higher plane, looking things from above, seeing themselves as one of the many individuals in the midst of our societies, and make the most to allow individuals room to think, to change their ideas. Little to tiny changes, inconspicuous, for that matter, incorporated within, ideas, of which there are a-plenty around, gaining ground day-by-day.

A world of ideas, thought leaders, short on thoughts. Do not go deep enough, further deep, so far as to renounce to the world, the profit economic model and assist to eradicate it, from the face of the earth.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crisis foreseen? .... Collective imagination, bright people and jobs properly done.

What is the point of economists?

"Why did no one see the crisis coming?” Queen Elizabeth asked last year. “A failure of the collective imagination of many bright people” who were all “doing their job properly on its own merit”, was the answer many of those bright people gave in a letter to the Queen last week."

Adiabatic? Explaining the failure.

Adiabatic being ".. a process occurring in a thermally insulated system, so that there is no flow of heat to or from the surroundings." .. thinking being the process occurring, and the flow of heat, represent the flow of thoughts and ideas, thinking insulated from the surroundings.

It occurs by, "..conditions imposed on a process..", the individual sets the thinking process, and at the same time is driven by "..conditions under which the process occurs naturally..", being a natural reaction in every individual.

and the goal is for ".. states to remain unchanged during the course of reaction"

as it " .. exhibits inherent robustness .. " one of its attributes from another field the term adiabatic is used by.

Why so many bright people, each one, an active individual, a system by itself and as a system, the individual, being adiabatic. Each one doing their job, at the best its job it can be done, in its field of expertise. Moment and energy utilised, job properly done on its own merit, but confined expended within the boundaries of the system, that the very same individual comprises.

An individual's primary goal, its integrity. Preserving itself as a whole overriding, restricting the thoughts and ideas contemplated, its very own imagination. This being in direct opposition to any assumed collective attributes, negating the collective.

Its collective standpoint weak, fragile. Collective kept to a minimum, with loose ties to the system, the individual embeds itself in.

Why did they not see the crisis coming?

It was not their priority. Their priority being to preserve their integrity of being, allowing them only to engage, with other individuals whose liaisons lie within the scope of promoting their integrity as systems and what draw and focus(ed) their attention was (and is, what threatens it. Bounds imagination.

Collective? Not as far as it is needed, demanded.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The manufacture of products aiming towards achieving the highest quality possible as a standard

Making the quality of the highest product in the market the standard to be followed for that product for all manufacturers. Constraints imposed by the scarcity of materials needed to be considered when allocating quotas to be made available for all individuals interested in using the particular product.

As it regards to the manufacturing needs of machines and training of individuals to be given by the state with the only goal being to exploit the full potential of the particular method applied to achieve the highest output possible for that particular product. The highest quality possible be made a standard for as many products as possible adhering to the fact that the only constraints being the scarcity or not of the raw materials needed in the manufacture of the relevant product.

Rationalising states function

Excess value, the difference allocated to the total product output of a state by taking away the value contributed by all individuals involved in its production process. The same procedure should be applied for any excess value obtained in the services sector.

Total service and product output representing the wealth produced by all individuals involved in the process, inhabiting in the state domain. The state should draw out of the intrinsic excess value produced, what it needs to fulfill its obligations for providing the whole gamut of services reflecting the wealth produced, with the sole measure the expectations of the individuals within its domain.

Surplus excess value goes to the individuals or groups of individuals whose initiatives have accomplished/will accomplish manufacturing processes.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Chaos. A word describing my endeavor, my goal to comprehend its influence but never being fully touched. Always pussyfooting around but never struck at the heart. Trying hard, examining the effects, the tangible marks, opening inroads but never near. All the thoughts, ideas, concepts amassed did not materialise into something solid about what chaos is. It did not make me feel sure enough to title a post, with that very word.

I have been annoyed often enough when I kept reading about chaos as an unpleasant state, brought out of the minds of the people, referring to as a state to be avoided at all costs, stirred clear of its path, branding it as synonym of mayhem and destruction. I myself was confused as well, as by reading their descriptions, I could not but agree.

Certainly, on and on, I found solace on the thought of the human individual's limited perception. The fallacies that are perpetrated as a result. Along with an unwillingness to learn, either voluntary as a result of an enhanced ego, or involuntary as a result of their working patterns which demand for individuals a great chunk of their day-to-day time, forced into comfort zones, neglecting their chance for personal development.

We have to distinguish chaos drawn out of the testimonies of individuals, laying out their experience of chaos and the chaos which I would call mathematical chaos which nevertheless it is connected to the chaos of objects, objects can be thought of as attractors developed by chaotic processes of mathematical chaos.

Mathematical chaos, as its description entails the use of variables and parametres, that represent the conditions prevalent in the space or time that chaos take place. This conditions are determined by the kind of objects within that specific space and time which ensue interactions, interactions that affect the parametres and variables, as their values change with time and space. It has been called deterministic as it is not random and its course can be determined. Determination can be referred to as purpose.

The mathematical chaos underlies the chaos of objects.

Objects as a house which is the result of processes undertaken by the individuals who built the house. Out of the synchronized and coordinated processes of all individuals involved, from its conception in the mind of the architect and civil engineer and contractor to the bricklayers, roofers, plasterers, carpenters, electricians, fitters concerted efforts, each individual involved with its own purpose, the deterministic element inherent in the individual processes undertaken.

Chaos becomes evident when the whole process of building a house, is filmed from its foundation to the last job done, watched in fast forward motion. The teeming of people witnessed, is baffling to the human mind, it gets confused and lost, chaos experienced. The human mind does not manage to see the synchronization in the processes of the people involved, or barely, and such a lack from the perspective of perception is attributed as chaos. The blueprints of the architect act as an attractor. All the efforts (processes) undertaken are attracted to the plans, where no brick is laid out anywhere else apart where the walls in the plan are, no tile is hung mid-air apart from where the roof is.

And more than the very conception of the house, the blueprints the architect prepares, the type, shape, size has passed through many variations, from its inception of dwellings for people to reside in, to its modern form it is a result of attractors as they have developed over the years. The time dimension of the attractor house.

Attractors which acquire physical form, become tangible but being no different in conception to any other attractors, tangible or intangible, as they evolve out of chaos.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A synchronization's role in the 'considered as metaphysical notions transcending the boundaries of science' processes that accomplish "wholeness"?

"A line synchronization problem and the repeated intrusive tests required for problem determination have caused over 6 hours of outages this week"

This passage drew my attention this morning. Its coming, its entrance into my consciousness seemingly random, and I emphasize seemingly, as its connection, minutes after, with thoughts I have been contemplating the past few days ... it seems uncanny.

Even now, as I try to record these thoughts, I let them come by themselves, unbiased, by any considerations external to the thoughts themselves, even, by my very own conscious thoughts. A theme I have mentioned in other posts before, which boils down to ... let my chaotic mind flow ...

Thoughts already in place, hooked on the phrase 'problem determination', to determine the problem, to elucidate what the problem is, before attempting to solve it, to offer solutions. An approach which is recommended, in any discipline individuals are engaged in.

The problem, 'line synchronization problem', the line being a channel, path, trajectory, down which a stream, or waves are propagated. Lack of synchronization, being out of step, and ...., enriching the concept with more attributes, that will spring, kickstart, induce further associations ....,

"(engineering) The maintenance of one operation in step with another,.."


" (electronics) Also called sync. Precise matching of two waves or functions."


"(DOD) 1. The arrangement of military actions in time, space, and purpose to produce maximum relative combat power at a decisive place and time."


"2. In the intelligence context, application of intelligence sources and methods in concert with the operation plan."


"Synchronization or synchronisation[1] is timekeeping which requires the coordination of events to operate a system in unison. The familiar conductor of an orchestra serves to keep the orchestra in time. Systems operating with all their parts in synchrony are said to be synchronous or in sync."

In my mind, I have associated synchronization with what I read in the paper "The History and Status of General Systems Theory", by Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Particularly what is mentioned in page 415.

"General systems theory, then, consists of the scientific exploration of "wholes" and "wholeness" which, not so long ago, were considered to be metaphysical notions transcending the boundaries of science. Novel concepts, methods, and mathematical fields have developed to deal with them."

Systems looked at, from the perspective of "wholes", and "wholeness" as a 'drive' that sparks and maintains a force, within the system with the task of acting towards achieving an end, end being the system acquires "wholeness", becomes a "whole", and as a "whole" acts to its surroundings. Achieved by synchronization 'the coordination of events to operate a system in unison'. Synchronization assuming a role in the 'considered to be metaphysical notions transcending the boundaries of science' processes that accomplish "wholeness"?

And wholeness is achieved in systems, (page 415, bertalanffy.pdf)

" ... not only the elements but their interrelations as well are required ..."

by the elements, a system is comprised of, and vitally their interrelations, which without, the system would not be.

Elements and their interrelations, in a sense given in the following paragraph, page 414-415

"Classical science in its various disciplines,such as chemistry, biology, psychology, or the social sciences, tried to isolate the elements of the observed universes-chemical compounds and enzymes, cells, elementary sensations, freely competing individuals, or whatever else may be the case-in the expectation that by putting them together again, conceptually or experimentally, the whole or system-cell, mind, society-would result and would be intelligible."


line synchronization problem ......... repeated intrusive tests ...required........ for ....problem determination

problem: where .... line ... channel, path, trajectory what synchronization ..... out of step, propagation

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chaotic dynamics on a par with the genetic code, in evolutionary terms?

A claim is put forward in "Fractal Neurodynamics and Quantum Chaos: Resolving the Mind-Brain Paradox Through Novel Biophysics", in Chapter 6.2, Chaotic Excitability as a founding Eucaryote Characteristic,

"It is thus possible that chaotic excitation dates from as early a period as the genetic code itself and that the first eucaryote cells may have been excitable via direct electrochemical transfer from light energy, before enzyme-based metabolic pathways had developed."

Chaotic excitations preceding the evolution of enzyme-based metabolic pathways? Why not? Nowadays, sustaining complex life can not be imagined without the enzymes. Could life forms, before the advent of enzymes, have utilised the creative potential, inherent in chaotic dynamics?

It is mentioned further, that

"We have seen how chaotic excitation provides for exploration of phase space and sensitivity to internal and external fluctuations. "

Chaotic excitation provide the means to explore phase space. Phase space comprised by the vast range of existent states in the surrounding environment and chaotic excitation enabled early life forms to sense their surroundings, learn and adapt.

Chaotic processes created attractors, what materialised as stable physical structures. The features of life forms as they have developed by constant evolutionary transformations. Evolution processes materialised as permanent structures, the attractors, as the code written in genetic blueprints was instantiated?

Phase space comprised by the vast range of existing states, both in life forms and in the environment. Surrounding environment that a life form senses by electrochemical excitation. It is mentioned in the Electrochemistry Encyclopedia, that

"The conduction of electrochemical excitation must be regarded as one of the most universal properties of living organisms. It arose in connection with the need for the transmission of a signal about an external influence from one part of a biological system to another."

External influences as they are exerted by processes, constantly at play and simultaneously define the states that make up the chaotically explored phase space.

The surrounding environment, the atmospheric electrohemistry mentioned as:

"The existence of ions in the atmosphere is the fundamental reason for atmospheric electricity. The voltage between the earth's surface and the ionosphere is approximately 40 kV, which induces an electrical current of approximately 2000 A with a current density around 5 pA/m2 (1 picoampere = 10-12 ampere, one trillionth of an ampere per square metre)."

graphically describing

"The Earth is an "electrode" immersed in a weak gaseous "electrolyte," the naturally ionized atmosphere."

provide the context of the processes as well as the message carrier, electrical currents, which are detected, as

"The high sensitivity of the protoplasm and all cell organelles to any natural and chemical effect is the basis for excitability."

The high sensitivity, reminiscent of chaotic sensitivity as it responds to minimal changes with tantamount effects, triggers cell membranes, the boundaries of all life forms in all their evolutionary transformations, as a

"... change in trans membrane potential create a wave of depolarization, or action potential, that affects the adjoining, resting membrane."

Excitable membranes are ubiquitous in all evolved life forms, as it is further mentioned

"Nerve cells in animals and phloem cells in plants share one fundamental property: they possess excitable membranes through which electrical excitations, in the form of action potentials, can propagate. These propagating excitations are modeled theoretically as traveling wave solutions of certain parameter dependant nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations coupled with some nonlinear ordinary differential equations. These traveling wave solutions can be classified as single loop pulse, multiple loop pulses, fronts and backs, or periodic waves of different wave speed."

Chaotic dynamics created, brought life into existence and continue to guide life forms in their evolutionary journey.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Informed opinions

The reality of every day life presents its details. Details? Not exactly the word, but anyway...

It is something more fundamental that our societies are deeply in need. Asking for it. Gagging for it.

Informed opinions. Which is already a goal in educational establishments, but it is trapped within the system. Solutions, alternatives are severely curtailed as the main product, the informed opinion arrived or achieved by individuals, can not escape from the clutches of monetisation. Systems, already established, are afraid, do not wish, for individuals to develop informed opinions.

Enterprise, a hogwash.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The ultimate demise of civilisations and globalization is inevitable?

Thoughts responsible for bringing about these new thoughts

- The implications of society's adherence to a rigid framework of rules
- Thoughts about rules and their universal application
- Rules to serve the public and not the hungry for profit needs of providers, so-called entrepreneurs.

Organised society is afraid of that all will get loose, imminent destruction of order, total annihilation? Tries hard to curb the chaotic aspects of the human individual, and it does so by the manufacture of rules upon rules, supposed to, or better hoped to, streamline our minds chaotic products. In reality, what it does is, to bootstrap, gag, restrain the minds of individuals, regiments their attitudes and forces them to retreat into comfort zones, fueling an ever expanding breeding ground for a multitude of ills, mental, physical, psychological, that plague societies and individuals alike. And all that for the sole purpose to maintain a faithful horde of servants for the needs of monetisation and its acolytes.

Bit by bit is growing into my mind that the whole fabric of society is built around the fear of letting off the reigns on the rampant, creative forces straight out of the blueprints that nature itself uses.

Along these lines lurks, as well, the explanation of what is behind the demise of all civilizations past. All civilizations ultimate demise, the result of unyielding, contradicting networks of rules. What can be surmised by looking at Godel's incompleteness theorem, from another aspect.

The result of amassing an inordinate amount of rules brought about their inevitable destruction?

It follows up the spirit of Godel's incompleteness theorem. As huge clashes develop, similar to the fundamental contradictions emerging in mathematical systems, what Godel developed his theorem for. Clashes, emanating from discrepancies that could not be resolved within their systems, requiring to go beyond their system's limited boundaries, to augment their systems in order to find appropriate solutions.

A practice that led to even wider and wider systems. The civilizations or states surpassing their boundaries. Civilizations past, dissolved within the wider system that succeeded them, what it has been seen or interpreted as demise.

And by spreading and spreading even now, its momentum still strong, it carries it through to our present days and continues on, unhindered, into the future and it will continue to the point that the whole world will unite into one superstate, super-civilization, global state.

Globalization is inevitable. Inherent in the blueprints that our societies are built upon? Coming out of Godel's incompleteness theorem.