Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pandemics, a direct consequence of the profit economic model.

Profit, primary and foremost goal. An incentive of business-as-usual survival, that obliterates the significance of any other concern, commensurate measures, to undo the damage, already being inflicted or bound to get inflicted, seen for entrepreneurs as a hindrance, in their goals for profiting and economic survival. How would anyone expect, for anyone involved in business, to heed on what is necessary, to keep the risks of pandemics at bay? The profit economic model, is short on guarantees, and will always be, for a risk-free implementation, of the humongous task of feeding the world's populations.

If it is not something that comes from within, it would never succeed. The whole global economic system, aspired wholly by the current profit economic model, is such a body constructed out of rules, laws, norms prevalent, a system developed upon, fosters forces within, that constantly clash with what you expect from the system, to provide.

Since the rules adhered to, would not allow it. When the only risk they heed to, is the risk of profits, the depreciation of capital, of money invested, instead of the risk that threatens the well-being of individuals, of the very planet itself.

The world is full of alternative ideas, arrived at, achieved by individuals daily, singly and collectively, and the individuals pursue them in all manners possible and it's inevitable that they will succeed, and the ideas will prevail, its the destiny of humanity, as their force is unstoppable, in whatever way they are measured.

A risk-free sustainable planet, growth to match expectations, in their full potential, as expectations materialise through everyone, for everyone, the world around. World organisations, charities, non-profit, whatever they are called, all try in vain to undo the ills, the profit economic model amply spreads, incessantly, endlessly, wreaking havoc upon the planet and its inhabitants.

Climate change talks, Denmark. Attempting to infuse change from within the current profit economic system, overwhelmed, thwarted already. Fighting an already lost war, against the forces that created the problem, in the first place. Carbon tax measures, marred from within, from the frame that spawned them, doomed from its inception, as it is the product, not of the will of the people but the forces that led them to doom and failure, and aims at anything other but. The forces that their only incentive is, to preserve dominant positions, to hold on to power that money has bestowed upon.

Clashes, revolutions, upheavals? Are not needed, what is needed are the little changes in ideas fostered by all individuals, the kind of ideas that made the end of the apartheid in South Africa and the unification of Germany a reality, the end of the cold war an unavoidable conclusion, what brought people out in Tehran by the millions, spontaneous and overwhelming phenomena that no power acting against, would ever have succeeded to subdue, no matter how insurmountable thought to be.

Thought leaders, if they befit to their calling, focus their attention and energy in what would accelerate the implementation of those changes that the world seeks out, instead of getting entrenched deep within the limits of their profession, exercising the prerogative of the human individual, of what they are, the limiting boundaries each one is restricted by, the allowable perspectives unwinding in forth of everyone, detach themselves from the boundaries of their level, the worlds they are in, into a higher plane, looking things from above, seeing themselves as one of the many individuals in the midst of our societies, and make the most to allow individuals room to think, to change their ideas. Little to tiny changes, inconspicuous, for that matter, incorporated within, ideas, of which there are a-plenty around, gaining ground day-by-day.

A world of ideas, thought leaders, short on thoughts. Do not go deep enough, further deep, so far as to renounce to the world, the profit economic model and assist to eradicate it, from the face of the earth.

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