Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How the words acquire their meanings ..

How the words acquire their meanings ..the mechanisms ..at hand ..the worldviews they are responsible for..
The mechanisms ..beyond comprehension.. Drawn out ..existing but amorphless ..continuously though acquiring shape and form ..maleated ..endlessly and painstakingly by the minds of people ..
The contributions ..by the concepts themselves ..apart from the minds that conceive them in the first place 

..the ..battleground .. a whole new realm that opened up by the advent of technology ..one that ..at the current state of knowledge ..can barely be conceived ..fathomed ..comprehended ..

..as it requires to ..ascend into a realm that ..can barely be ..conceived ..let alone ..be comprehended ..exceeds the boundaries of ..every ..and any human mind ..not to speak of ..on its own ..regardless of 

..requires ..leaps in faith ..on that matter ..and imagination..

Friday, May 09, 2014

in what way ..man-made systems differ from natural systems ..

in what way ..man-made systems differ from natural systems .. 

the answer is .. from what they are driven from .. 

driven .. what that word implies .. what drives natural systems ..and the answer to that question to use it ..to explain what ..driven ..means .. assessing the impact in analysing systems ..man-made ..natural ..or whatever other names are used to describe them ..

an element regarding what .. the systems I called man-made ..are driven from ..has emerged ..but I want to elucidate first .. the driven ..properties ..for both ..man-made and natural systems .. 

the driven .. ought to be the same for either system .. 
elements that depict the relations that ..driven ..implies ..in man-made systems ..gives the dimensions .. the expanse these systems ..develop in .. namely to parameters and variables outside their scope .. creating false ..pseudo .. systems .. they do not follow the path that their ..cousins ..natural systems follow .. 

man-made systems are obscured ..disengaged .. they are not developing alongside their true parameters ..warped and compromised .. the man-made systems a caricature of natural systems..

..immense ..how paltry and puny ..the pursuits of societies are ..

man-made systems ..include societies, personalities, humanity as a whole .. struggling to find its proper path ..  

Monday, April 21, 2014

cities ..expand to the skies ..

expand to the skies .. a carbon skeleton.. of unprecedented sizes extending over the cities .. created out of what is abundant in air ..CO2

build in stages ..in situ .. incorporated into the cities .. to provide both ..transport and housing .. and deliver a decisive blow to the scourge of global warming ..

carbon hyper-structures .. constructed out of massive chemical labs designed to capture carbon from the atmosphere

scrubbing the atmosphere of wayward CO2 molecules but instead of storing it in gaseous or liquid form deposited straight into solid form

thoroughly integrated construction .. ..extremely flexible .. tethered .. subdued .. massive scale .. hollow …

tethered .. subdued .. massive scale ..

hollow …

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) also known as a "mole"..

like a .. "mole".. a TBM a tunnel boring machine .. that builds tunnels underground but this time to be used to build ‘tunnels’ over ground ..

a 3-d printing .. a massive 3-d printer .. capable of extremely detailed pre-planned construction ..
all thought beforehand .. ahead of .. the construction method ..prescribes it .. determined ..

3-d printing .. carbon to be used in printing .. in atomised form .. turning CO2 .. into C atoms ..

the question at hand ..is there enough carbon in the atmosphere to accomplish such a feat ..  turn the tables upside-down  ..from a scourge to a blessing

400 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere. Is that enough?

xavvi kay

Changing the perspective. Radically. An extremely radical change in perspective.
Translate the figure into .. numbers to accommodate the change in perspective. Akin to the changed perspective. Calculate. Meet the demands proscribed.
To turn the scourge into a blessing.

dimensions ..of the constructed over-ground tube .. spanning the city skyline .. an arch from one end to the other several miles long .. enough to accommodate entire city blocks .. railways .. tube stations .. lift shafts ..

electrical grid ..gas supply .. sewage system .. programmed to 3-d print in all its details .. to the nearest of all the details required ..

providing the plots to erect abodes .. and all necessary amenities

clip-on ..or even screw-threaded structures to achieve the utmost cohesion .. wherever its length exceeds determined strength limits ..

thin to avoid obstruction of the skyline .. from below and above .. strong to withstand the extremes of weather .. impervious to any damage.. menacing earth elements can force against it ..