Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How the words acquire their meanings ..

How the words acquire their meanings ..the mechanisms ..at hand ..the worldviews they are responsible for..
The mechanisms ..beyond comprehension.. Drawn out ..existing but amorphless ..continuously though acquiring shape and form ..maleated ..endlessly and painstakingly by the minds of people ..
The contributions ..by the concepts themselves ..apart from the minds that conceive them in the first place 

..the ..battleground .. a whole new realm that opened up by the advent of technology ..one that ..at the current state of knowledge ..can barely be conceived ..fathomed ..comprehended ..

..as it requires to ..ascend into a realm that ..can barely be ..conceived ..let alone ..be comprehended ..exceeds the boundaries of ..every ..and any human mind ..not to speak of ..on its own ..regardless of 

..requires ..leaps in faith ..on that matter ..and imagination..

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