Thursday, March 12, 2009

A synchronization's role in the 'considered as metaphysical notions transcending the boundaries of science' processes that accomplish "wholeness"?

"A line synchronization problem and the repeated intrusive tests required for problem determination have caused over 6 hours of outages this week"

This passage drew my attention this morning. Its coming, its entrance into my consciousness seemingly random, and I emphasize seemingly, as its connection, minutes after, with thoughts I have been contemplating the past few days ... it seems uncanny.

Even now, as I try to record these thoughts, I let them come by themselves, unbiased, by any considerations external to the thoughts themselves, even, by my very own conscious thoughts. A theme I have mentioned in other posts before, which boils down to ... let my chaotic mind flow ...

Thoughts already in place, hooked on the phrase 'problem determination', to determine the problem, to elucidate what the problem is, before attempting to solve it, to offer solutions. An approach which is recommended, in any discipline individuals are engaged in.

The problem, 'line synchronization problem', the line being a channel, path, trajectory, down which a stream, or waves are propagated. Lack of synchronization, being out of step, and ...., enriching the concept with more attributes, that will spring, kickstart, induce further associations ....,

"(engineering) The maintenance of one operation in step with another,.."


" (electronics) Also called sync. Precise matching of two waves or functions."


"(DOD) 1. The arrangement of military actions in time, space, and purpose to produce maximum relative combat power at a decisive place and time."


"2. In the intelligence context, application of intelligence sources and methods in concert with the operation plan."


"Synchronization or synchronisation[1] is timekeeping which requires the coordination of events to operate a system in unison. The familiar conductor of an orchestra serves to keep the orchestra in time. Systems operating with all their parts in synchrony are said to be synchronous or in sync."

In my mind, I have associated synchronization with what I read in the paper "The History and Status of General Systems Theory", by Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Particularly what is mentioned in page 415.

"General systems theory, then, consists of the scientific exploration of "wholes" and "wholeness" which, not so long ago, were considered to be metaphysical notions transcending the boundaries of science. Novel concepts, methods, and mathematical fields have developed to deal with them."

Systems looked at, from the perspective of "wholes", and "wholeness" as a 'drive' that sparks and maintains a force, within the system with the task of acting towards achieving an end, end being the system acquires "wholeness", becomes a "whole", and as a "whole" acts to its surroundings. Achieved by synchronization 'the coordination of events to operate a system in unison'. Synchronization assuming a role in the 'considered to be metaphysical notions transcending the boundaries of science' processes that accomplish "wholeness"?

And wholeness is achieved in systems, (page 415, bertalanffy.pdf)

" ... not only the elements but their interrelations as well are required ..."

by the elements, a system is comprised of, and vitally their interrelations, which without, the system would not be.

Elements and their interrelations, in a sense given in the following paragraph, page 414-415

"Classical science in its various disciplines,such as chemistry, biology, psychology, or the social sciences, tried to isolate the elements of the observed universes-chemical compounds and enzymes, cells, elementary sensations, freely competing individuals, or whatever else may be the case-in the expectation that by putting them together again, conceptually or experimentally, the whole or system-cell, mind, society-would result and would be intelligible."


line synchronization problem ......... repeated intrusive tests ...required........ for ....problem determination

problem: where .... line ... channel, path, trajectory what synchronization ..... out of step, propagation

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