Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The ultimate demise of civilisations and globalization is inevitable?

Thoughts responsible for bringing about these new thoughts

- The implications of society's adherence to a rigid framework of rules
- Thoughts about rules and their universal application
- Rules to serve the public and not the hungry for profit needs of providers, so-called entrepreneurs.

Organised society is afraid of that all will get loose, imminent destruction of order, total annihilation? Tries hard to curb the chaotic aspects of the human individual, and it does so by the manufacture of rules upon rules, supposed to, or better hoped to, streamline our minds chaotic products. In reality, what it does is, to bootstrap, gag, restrain the minds of individuals, regiments their attitudes and forces them to retreat into comfort zones, fueling an ever expanding breeding ground for a multitude of ills, mental, physical, psychological, that plague societies and individuals alike. And all that for the sole purpose to maintain a faithful horde of servants for the needs of monetisation and its acolytes.

Bit by bit is growing into my mind that the whole fabric of society is built around the fear of letting off the reigns on the rampant, creative forces straight out of the blueprints that nature itself uses.

Along these lines lurks, as well, the explanation of what is behind the demise of all civilizations past. All civilizations ultimate demise, the result of unyielding, contradicting networks of rules. What can be surmised by looking at Godel's incompleteness theorem, from another aspect.

The result of amassing an inordinate amount of rules brought about their inevitable destruction?

It follows up the spirit of Godel's incompleteness theorem. As huge clashes develop, similar to the fundamental contradictions emerging in mathematical systems, what Godel developed his theorem for. Clashes, emanating from discrepancies that could not be resolved within their systems, requiring to go beyond their system's limited boundaries, to augment their systems in order to find appropriate solutions.

A practice that led to even wider and wider systems. The civilizations or states surpassing their boundaries. Civilizations past, dissolved within the wider system that succeeded them, what it has been seen or interpreted as demise.

And by spreading and spreading even now, its momentum still strong, it carries it through to our present days and continues on, unhindered, into the future and it will continue to the point that the whole world will unite into one superstate, super-civilization, global state.

Globalization is inevitable. Inherent in the blueprints that our societies are built upon? Coming out of Godel's incompleteness theorem.

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