Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Verb usage in description of events reveal the dynamic processes involved

     Verb usage, in oral or textual description of events, in any level or context, reveal the processes involved and the corresponding value-changes in the variables that trigger these processes. By focusing on the process described by the verb we recognise the variables and their value changes.

      The value change might be an increase or decrease or alternations between discrete component arrangements in our environment. Our sense organs are built to detect, increase/decrease in variable values and changes from state to state.

      The increase of complexity in our environment, is matched by an ever increasing neural network of subtle composite detection methods and is reflected in language structure by the introduction of verbs describing ever more complex processes.

     We perceive the world around us by value changes, we accumulate knowledge about the world based on changing variables, and our language structure reflects our environment detection mode. Should there not then be, a change of scope in how language is taught?

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