Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Deliberating on chaos lever points

     "I wanted to learn more about lever points: those places and events in a complex adaptive system where a small force can be used to great effect, due to sensitivity to initial conditions."
                              "Website extract on John Holland's work"

     It appears that the application of a small force will give the anticipated larger effect only if it is applied on the conditions that are identified as being initial. By referring to initial conditions, in a sense we are referring to the conditions that gave rise to the whole of the system, its foundations. On this premise it is no wonder that any slight shift in its fundamental principles will certainly cause an extensive shake-up of the system, an earthquake, as it would ripple through its entire structure, from its very foundations to the top echelons of its structure, producing a much greater effect compared to the size of the slight shift of a parameter that constitutes initial condition of the system.

      Output parameters would therefore propagate exponentially to input; in a nonlinear fashion output marching in tens, hundreds or thousands of steps for every step trodden by input in contrast to linear propagation where input is matched step by step by output in its progress.

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