Tuesday, March 06, 2012

From the purpose of living to the purpose of humanity's existence and a world dominated by it.

From the purpose of living to the purpose of humanity's existence and a world dominated by it.

.. what's the purpose of living .. for an individual so equipped with a brain .. but .. realising its position in the grander scheme of things .. a vital necessity ..

each individual can only make good of its arsenal .. only by engaging in the quest that humanity as a whole .. since its inception have been at pains to resolve ..

any policies designed by humanity as a whole .. should take that into consideration and adjust accordingly ..

without it the lives of individuals become empty .. devoid of purpose ..plant life existence ..

survival ..kept artificially in the back of the mind ..of all people .. businesses oriented by a world dominated by banks .. a world brought to a standstill .. a world in the clutches of numbingly inane pursuits ..

the goal .. to render the human individual .. more stupid .. and more stupid .. as the time goes by .. as long as they can ..

governments .. in their current form .. dedicated destroyers ..of the most valuable resource .. the human individual ..is endowed with .. his ability to make up a mind ..

erasing .. mal-handling that great potential that a human individual .. and by that humanity ..possess

it verges to the point of ridiculousness .. to drag humanity .. in an endless chase of a non-existent need for survival .. doomsdays .. armageddon scenarios .. while the main outcome is .. keeping humanity in a contemporary version of dark ages .. unenlightened .. disillusioned

it is of vital importance for humanity to elevate itself .. from a mere plain of survival .. to a plain of enlightenment .. equip the mechanisms of societies .. with the relevant tools .. make it possible for more and more individuals to engage in enlightenment procedures

to arm further its conceptual arsenal .. and via its unique perspective .. provide solutions to problems that never stop arising ..

Our Invisible Bodies by Jay Alfred oib.pdf (application/pdf Object)

"Despite better and better measurements, the results from various sources just kept showing that the observed density of matter and energy in the visible universe was simply too low. Only 1% of the predicted mass could be seen or measured! All this evidence made many scientists sit up and conclude, much to their disbelief, that 99% of the matter and energy in the universe was invisible! Equally ironic is that although this fact was known to scientists for some decades, 99% of human beings on this planet currently are unaware of this historical monumental finding and have not reflected on the implications!"

99% of human beings ..are unaware ..the word irony downplays the situation .. tragic would be a more appropriate description ..

Our Invisible Bodies .. the marvel of it .. for the human individual .. to entertain such thoughts ..ponder ..augment ..contribute .. but instead .. more pressing matters ..engage its mind ..

the ridiculous notion ..of money .. and how to make ..loads of it ..

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