Thursday, November 11, 2010

System fulfilment, irreversibility, bifurcation, learning. Elaborating upon spontaneously emanated chaos induced thoughts.

System fulfilment, irreversibility, bifurcation, learning. Elaborating upon spontaneously emanated chaos induced thoughts. Upheaval sought and achieved. Chaotic logic at bay contravening notions of rational thinking.

You can not have order if you don't get past chaos. Emergence, reverse engineered, signifying the process underlying human efforts to understand nature's phenomena, to acquire knowledge. Understanding emergence and further have a go, with a standing chance at emulating emergence. Design implicated. Chaos creative enablement. (link).

(fulfilling .. fulfilment sought)
A guiding principle embedded in systems. System as representing the whole, and the whole satisfying the requirements of every part that is made out of. Fulfilment achieved, is sought after. Striving to achieve, the tendency within a system by seeking the state of being wholesome.

Fulfilment out of the contribution of all parts, gradually by more and more parts, out of subsystems, the subsystems the parts that comprise the whole. Parts that are represented as nodes, referred by the connectionist model. Nodes and networking contributing to a whole, a whole out of the nodes participating. The nodes, the functioning parts. Node the functioning equivalent of the part, the subsystem itself.

Node (in function), the nodes interconnected at a given time, what gives the pattern, as being dynamic, the states instantiated snapshots if the time dimension is regarded as external. Snapshot states, time dimension included, frozen incorporated spacetime, talking about spacetime windows out of space and time.

(out of the nodes already existing)
What is mentioned in Smith, R. D. (1998) 'Social Structures and Chaos Theory'

Using a connectionist model of a process (eg. Eiser, 1993) requires that we treat the phase- state as the current network location of the influence under study. The propagation pathway is not infinite but confined to orbits which follow the pre-existing pathways between various elements.[14]

.. thoughts out of that exposition brought forth, the pattern out of the orbits, the node interconnections propagate within the confines of the nodes already participating in the flow. Pre-existing pathways between pre-existing nodes. Patterns out of the flux, the network out of nodes prevailing. Their existence determine the pattern already existing, pre-existing. What ever lies out of that network made out of these nodes, is not taking into consideration for the instantiation of the pattern. It is irrelevant, non-participant even to the point of non-existing.

Attributing irreversibility.

Societies themselves prove such a point. The point of non-existence. It is hard to come to terms with it. Its virtuality of non-existence, its virtual non-existence. The new generation born within the frame of the current status and states the societies are, made out of the patterns prevailing, are impossible to unable to think past societies. Past patterns followed and adhered to, virtually non-existent, carried only in the memories of adults who even them suffer the same symptoms. It is hard even for them to come to terms with the way societies were in the past. If it wasn't for knowledge kept, in the minds of people, in books, in customs in culture, it would have been written out of existence completely. Old realms are hardly visited or forgotten, irreversibility at bay.

(new nodes .. new functioning)
Function, the succession of sequestered states in time and space each distinct from another up to a point. Point-mutations even for a point. The point, the node? It must be. John Holland's emergence, the mathematics included? Taking to the extent a bifurcation should be thought as taking place to a single point of a massively complex structure, the state it represents and that single point as by drawing annealing trajectories becomes a node, is incorporated into the flux, the flow and out of the flow the pattern. The pattern that the system exhibits, emerges.

Bifurcation equates with, learning. Enables opening new inroads for knowledge to trod, new phase space. Diverging out of the already existing nodes, the orbits that keep the flux dynamic into new realms, new phase space.

Already existing nodes, giving out the patterns prevailing and nodes which have been superseded, (not used), are fallen into disuse. Relevant phase space abandoned, no longer used.

(increasing its phase space)
Phase space as yet untrodden, incisive. Incisions further deeper into the microscales. Chaos its fractional nature, creates fractals explore fractional dimensions (deepening) (opening up the realm further) ..

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