Friday, October 22, 2010

Application of chaotic dynamics to explain and foresee humanity's evolution.

Freely applying chaotic dynamics to explain the status of the world of people and foreseeing the future of mankind.

Application of chaotic dynamics to understand the global and local attributes currently upheld, expressed as beliefs, political views, social norms, modes of behaviour. New attributes at global and local levels continually form to erode global and local attributes inherited.

New attributes tried and tested at local levels surpass the local boundaries on to lay the fundamentals of the global landscape, paving the inroads to global structure. The fundamental attributes of global structure in turn, influence the attributes allowed at local level, determines the field local trajectories will flow, the attracting basin and further delineate the phase space still to be explored.

Views expressed, on local attributes, global structure. Views expressed provide the momentum that drives the trajectories. One can not expect anything else by agents to act, driven by the local attributes no matter what it drives them forth. Political views, any political views determine the gist of the trajectories followed, developed free to be exercised even if that entails conflict.

Instead of taking hard sides with one or the other of the conflicting factions, their attributes, accepts that all are equally justifiable even despite of any extremities. The extreme views taken by developing trajectories, all in the grand scheme of chaotic dynamics. All within, the allowed by the fundamentals, ground laid out.

Attributes as constants and variables, underlying, overt or hidden, comprising the body of local and global structures. Bifurcations and Liapunov exponents L>1, which entails divergent trajectories and Liapunov exponents L<1, convergent trajectories diverge. Divergence and convergence, their effect on adjacent to and remote to each other trajectories.

Liapunov exponent L>1, trajectories diverge, adjacent trajectories, trajectories of neighbouring agents separate, delineate out of neighbourhoods, from common grounds to distinct parts as their proximity is tested by changing conditions at local level. Remote trajectories move further away from one another.

Liapunov exponent L<1, trajectories converge, adjacent trajectories, move closer, enhance proximity and common ground, favoured by changing conditions. Remote trajectories closer to each other.

By divergence trajectories move away from the attracting basins, further into unexplored phase space, destined either to fall into phase space away from the attracting basins with a little chance of returning back within their sphere of influence, therefore lost, representing all the norms, rules, customs, habits superseded by human individuals by being abandoned, discarded, becoming obsolete, relics of the past, long gone and forgotten. There is no turning back.

By convergence trajectories move near to attracting basins, form compact or new neighbourhoods, new common ground seemingly attract each other, far-flung trajectories get closer, hover over the attracting basins, strengthen resolve, reinforce good practice already built. Brings communities and people closer together with sharpened and solid ties.

Crisis, crisis's points inducing conditions that require novel ways to deal with. Conditions that challenge, try already established attractors, that drive individuals outside their attracting basins, their comfort zones. Push individuals to invent ways untried and untested to deal with the ensuing situations, when the norms, rules, laws, habits fail to provide for individual and the communities.

Conflict as the reason that exacerbates the creation of new trajectories, its potential to split trajectories, to bifurcate and conquer new space, to explore the phase space. To form new attractors or strengthen already existing.

"Certain non-linear systems near the chaotic boundary L ~ 1 or in chaotic transition do however display complex bifurcations and the development of novel structure within the system ..."

Bifurcation of a trajectory. When trajectories bifurcate develop new structures, assign new attributes to a system. New properties emerge, materialising to appear as newly-formed patterns or modes of behaviour. New norms, rules, habits. Thoughts, ideas, beliefs.

Phase space opened up by newly-formed bifurcations, phase space as yet undiscovered in contradiction to phase space which offers no opportunity for attracting basins to form, no attracting basins formation potential, phase space which have been passed by, by being barren and desolate, phase space that has not got creative potential

Global and local structures, the analogies with the Mandelbrot set, self-similarity at bay, self-similar local structures, and all self-similar to the global structure. The tendency annealing local and global trajectories to culminate towards common grounds, to attracting basins that pull and pool the human individuals acts and deeds. Common standards, the attractors at the far end, for each and every individual upon which the rules, norms, laws, habits that communities, societies are built by, the objectives to seek out in a manner that objectivism the least to be said, attempts to assimilate, towards achieving common standards for all individuals comprising the global structure.

Therefore, objectively oriented societies, for not to succumb subjectiveness to its heel, but to provide fertile grounds for subjectivity to thrive. Subjectivity being the sole force that anneals trajectories to trod their paths and in their wake to endow with attributes the local structure and via local to global hyperstructure.
Global woven out of the local attributes and local led by the global perspective. Global impact on the local attributes and out of the local to the global.

Woes about global dictatorship juxtaposed against global attributes attained, the flow of information constantly enabling empowered individuals, individuals continually strengthening their self-determination, their resolve to the extent that dictatorship of any kind at local levels is continually, not just questioned but fought against with unabated resolve, renders global dictatorship virtually untenable.

There is no turning back, the fundamentals, the attracting basins have already been set and would not allow it. The global structure, the whole as being more than the sum of its parts, a whole created out of millions of individuals, as more and more engage into its creation, completion as the continuous flow of information becomes exponential, at its exponential stage, a flow of information that battles vigorously against disinformation, enabling individuals to create informed views, which in its entirety is none other than the total of all views held by all the parts contributing to create the whole. The fractal hyperstructure utterly divided into its deepest fractal pocket occupied by one of each and every individual.

And as a whole, goes forth, each to think globally and act locally, the minds that people create become as wholesome as ever. Global attractors, out of which the human attributes are created, build out of contribution, ever increasing contribution. A whole that is truly, out of the contribution of virtually all of its parts.

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