Friday, June 13, 2008

The current state of the world determined by individuals trapped in a web which undermines humanity.

In the most unfortunate turn of events in the lives of all individuals, a state which can be classified as schizophrenic, since individuals find themselves trapped in a system that undermines their very nature. A system that destroys everything that is worthwhile in a human individual in favour of returns that are anything else, but beneficial.

Each individual invests a great deal of its resources in the course of its life, resources other than (and more than) material; mental psychological physical resources, only to find out in the end, that the place its investment was put for, sought after, erodes them and diminishes them.

Becomes a turncoat against its own kind, against its very own self. It turns him or her to an individual that seeks to destroy and exterminate other individuals, completely forgetting that other individuals work along the same lines, as hard, to destroy others, the turncoat included.

A capitalist system continuously replenishing its numbers shedding them out, in an all out war against each other. A system that breeds individuals, turning one against another, for crumbs thrown at their plates. States whose primary objective is to sow strife among its citizens. Divide and conquer at its utmost.

A system that is responsible for breeding vultures ready to eat up the guts of other individuals. Of each other. And taken as a whole, humanity, that all 'other individuals' plus self is, devours its own guts.

As, the individual bombarded continuously by talks for profits, economic growth, prosperity, the good of the company, of the corporation, of the state; becomes oblivious of its place in nature, insanely undermines its own (and others) physical, psychological, mental being.

Trapped in a cycle where the monies, he or she so hard are after for, become the noose to hang themselves from. Taking away bit by bit, all that there is value for, what is worth living for; only to end up dried up shells of a man or woman.

This is not a modern trend in capitalism, but what is sick, is that it is allowed to continue on unabated, unchecked. It is intrinsic in capitalism. It is what it was born out of, and fed with, in its nascent steps back in the 18th or so century, as its intellectual elite, its forefathers, the spiritual leaders of young capitalism, have proclaimed.

They had anything short of contempt for humanity, being called the masses, a term that survives our present age and era. Among them, is Thomas Malthus, as it is mentioned in Franklin L. Ford's book, "A General History of Europe, Europe 1780-1830" page 346. As it is claimed in the book

"No single writer did more to buttress the forbidding side of this doctrine of economics ruled by egoism and the free play of forces than did the Englishman Thomas Malthus."

And this doctrine of economics, or as it is mentioned as that of 'classical' economics, is

"... it had no use for corps or orders of men, but neither would it accept any extensive planning or control by the state or by any other representative of 'society' in general."

and continues

"Born of generous efforts by eighteenth-century philosophers, notably Adam Smith and the French Physiocrats, to break down artificial, irrational barriers to commercial development and to discover the true springs of productivity, it was in period moving rapidly to become what its critics would call 'the dismal science'."

Thomas Malthus, as this website informs

".. was a political economist who was concerned about, what he saw as, the decline of living conditions in nineteenth century England. He blamed this decline on three elements: The overproduction of young; the inability of resources to keep up with the rising human population; and the irresponsibility of the lower classes."

Two centuries since then, mankind managed to multiply its food resources beyond the dreams of Thomas Malthus and his contemporaries, but we are still left with his legacy, the irresponsible lower classes along with what another of his disciples inspired by him, left us with. Charles Darwin and his survival of the fittest theory, for which by putting aside any scientific value in its biological sense, turned humanity into an arena where it is legitimate to go about and kill or be killed, a drawn out travesty to justify capitalism.

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