Thursday, November 15, 2007

Imperfect kinds of consciousness

Extracts from the 'Emergence' book, chapter 'Mind Readers'.
... the chimp (an individual) must somewhere be aware that the world is full of imperfectly shared information, and that other individuals may have a perspective on the world that differs from his. Most important (and most conniving), he's capable of exploiting that difference for his own benefit. That exploitation - a furtive pass concealed from the alpha male - is only possible because he is capable of building theories of other minds.
... Human beings are innate mind readers. Our skill at imagining other people's mental states ranks up there with our knack for language ...

... information the stuff of concepts ... consciousness is based on concepts ... there are myriads of concepts in the world ... humans endeavoured tirelessly in pursuit for new concepts ... the discovery continues unabated ... consciousness is boundless ... an individual's consciousness have boundaries ... consciousness based on the concepts the individual amasses and adheres to ... concepts are adhered either by choice or necessity ... a projection of the world ... a biconvex lens projection ... a personal projection directed by the concepts grasped ... take in only what the concepts assimilated would allow ... a lot of stimuli in the world can not access our internal world ... they are not internalized ... limits consciousness and by default makes it imperfect ...

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  1. Looking further than just the definition of consciousness indeed..:)
    Humans spent too much time defining "what is",but no time implementing truth on the personal level.(and thus ,no such thing on a societal level neither.)
    And then there are (nowdays) those employed by the few to create "scientific truths".so much so ,that we ve almost lost any sense of what is for most things,except of course the "consumables"...